October 5, 2023

The Passage (PASG) token successfully launched on StreamSwap on August 29, with 31,620 ATOM and 579,648 OSMO deposited by the community.


We are so grateful to our dedicated community and partners for their continued support through this milestone. On behalf of the Passage team, THANK YOU!

Below, we're sharing some important information and helpful resources for PASG token holders and the Passage-curious.

PASG Quick Facts

  • Available to trade on Osmosis and MEXC
  • Supported by Keplr, Leap, and Cosmostation wallets
  • Delegate to 100 active validators on, Restake, and more
  • Follow charts on CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, CoinCodex
  • Used to facilitate governance, security via staking rewards, decentralized assets, and incentivize open-source development



PASG inflation began September 8, 2023 following a governance vote.

Stakers will earn rewards in accordance with the schedule below.

APR (100% Staked):

  • Year 1: 15%
  • Year 2: 12%
  • Year 3: 10%
  • Year 4: 10% (if supply remains)
  • Year 5: 10% (if supply remains)
  • Year 6+: 0%

Various sites are available for staking and delegating PASG tokens to validators, including: 

As always, we encourage you to DYOR when selecting a platform.


If you are interested in becoming a validator, follow the instructions available on our Github

Hop over to Discord to join our community and validator-specific channels.


Strange Clan

50% of the total PASG airdrop pool (105,000,000 PASG) is allocated to Strange Clan NFT holders.

The airdrop claiming process for Strange Clan NFT holders was open for 90 days from October 23, 2023 at 1:00pm Eastern Time through January 21, 2024. During this time, 49,919,310 tokens were claimed (81%). 11,709,467 unclaimed PASG will be burned.

To be eligible for an additional airdrop, users must have claimed their initial airdrop by December 29, 2023 and stake it for 14 consecutive months.


  1. April 30, 2022 at 18:32 Eastern Time
  2. December 3, 2022 at 17:00 Eastern Time
  3. September 8, 2023 at 17:00 Eastern Time


Recipients who claimed their airdrop by December 29, 2023 and stake it continuously for 14 months following the initial airdrop will receive an additional allocation, noted below.

Town 1

  • Airdrop 1: 9,322 (per NFT)
  • After 14 months of staking: 4,661 (per NFT)

Town 2

  • Airdrop 1: 4,661 (per NFT)
  • After 14 months of staking: 2,331 (per NFT)

An airdrop checker will be shared in the coming weeks.


Genesis validators who remained active through the Passage Chain upgrade and PASG token launch received an airdrop of 55,555.55 PASG on November 17, 2023.


Unclaimed airdrops are subject to token burn, which will decrease the total available supply.


PASG is available to trade on the following decentralized and centralized platforms:


PASG is supported by the following wallets:


Want to check view transactions, governance proposals, or Passage validators? Check out the following explorers: 


PASG charts can be viewed on the following crypto data sites:

Our team is currently working on getting circulating supply and market cap updated on these sites.


The Passage Marketplace was recently upgraded to run on Passage Chain, with transactions in PASG token.

During the Marketplace launch event, the community used over 5.5M PASG to mint NFTs from Passage, Strange Clan, and Metahuahua!


PASG is the native token of the Passage ecosystem. It’s designed for:

  • Governance: PASG holders can participate in governance and vote on proposals related to the platform's direction and development
  • Security & Staking: PASG holders can stake and delegate their tokens to validators to support security of the network. A percentage of tokens spent in the marketplace, as well as inflation, are allocated as rewards.
  • Incentivizing Open-Source Contributions: Developers can earn PASG by contributing to open-source development of the platform such as bug fixes, new features, and improvements to existing functionality.
  • Decentralized Assets: PASG powers decentralized assets (NFTs) on the Passage platform.

Want to learn more about the PASG token? Watch this video and read the whitepaper.