Passage Raises $6M to Launch AI-Driven Virtual World Builder

July 27, 2023

When we started our journey as a creative agency back in 2017, we were excited for the potential of digital environments to improve the creative build process and make it more efficient. 

As we worked with brands like Warner Brothers, Capitol Records, Amazon Studios, and American Girl and the global pandemic hit, we quickly saw the broader potential for these environments. 

A new frontier of digital experience began to take shape before us, and brands and creators needed better tools to connect with their audiences.

Passage was our solution to meet their evolving needs, a platform that makes it easy to produce and optimize high-quality, immersive, interactive 3D experiences. 

To help achieve our vision and develop the Passage platform, we’ve raised $6M via a private sale of Passage’s native token, PASG.

Led by Akash Network, the funding round will support:

  • Continued development of the Passage social dashboard, which launched earlier this month in Closed Alpha
  • Building out our enterprise solution
  • Implementing technology partnerships (more on that below!)
  • Tooling to enable community contributions in the form of plugins, world building assets, avatar customizations, and more

The private sale was also supported by Druid Ventures, Vitwit, Cosmostation, HyperChain Capital, Chorus One, and Cogitent Ventures, as well as additional leading Cosmos ecosystem participants, individuals, and DAOs.

We are humbled and grateful for the support of an incredible group of forward-thinking partners who believe in our ideas and the potential for immersive, interactive 3D experiences.

“We share a real synergy with the Passage team and are thrilled to have led the private sale. The Passage platform is going to be an incredible place to leverage decentralized cloud and AI tools for creators. Creatives and brands need more high-quality options, and Passage stands out as one of the leaders in innovating this space.”

Greg Osuri, CEO of Overclock Labs, creators of Akash Network​

Partnering with Sortium AI

Like many, we believe AI has world-changing potential when used properly. So naturally, we wanted to find a way to use it to enhance the Passage experience for creators.

Enter Sortium: a cutting-edge AI platform designed for the gaming and virtual production industries.

Today, we are proud to announce our partnership with Sortium to bring infinite customizability to Passage worlds. 

Integrating Sortium’s technology into the Passage World Builder will give you unlimited ability to customize your worlds, from retexturing objects to generating full 3D models. And it can all be done seamlessly within the World Builder, no extra work required thanks to AI working behind-the-scenes.

PASG Token Launch

So what's next?

We are excited to announce that the Public Sale and launch of the PASG token will take place August 29 on StreamSwap!

To share more about our plans, we're hosting a livestream today at 4:00pm ET. Join us for all the details, giveaways, and more.

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