Introducing Elite: The Next Evolution of Online Experiences

January 25, 2024

“Your open world.”

This is the idea Passage was built on: create a beautiful, custom virtual space that anyone can join from anywhere with just one click.

As a built-in social layer, the Passage Dashboard was the vehicle to move seamlessly between these worlds. Jump from your social feed into your favorite creator’s livestream, then join a conference or game launch taking place at the same time. Moving between experiences should be simple.

After opening the Dashboard and the first Passage world in Closed Alpha in 2023, this became a reality. We hosted community AMAs and events like the PASG token launch in Blok Hous, allowing Alpha testers to create their profiles and jump right in.

Through this process, we’ve received feedback from Alpha testers, advisors, partners, and early adopters. What we’ve found is the biggest need when it comes to virtual experiences is an easy-to-use, turnkey solution for creating their own.

So we built one.

Today, we are proud to introduce Elite: an enterprise solution for offering unparalleled virtual experiences. Create, manage, and host premium events on the only platform with AAA-quality graphics, 3D immersion, and 1-click access.

Elite Capabilities

Elite is the premiere product of the Passage platform, offering advanced administrative capabilities and functionality in a user-friendly setup.

It pairs the best of Passage worlds—high-fidelity graphics via Unreal Engine 5, 3D spatial audio/video, accessible via browser on any device—with an updated dashboard that’s been reworked for enterprise use.

At its core, Elite allows you to schedule, manage, and monetize private events that are exclusively open to your community, users, or customers.

Initial planned features for Elite’s launch include:

  • User administration
  • Event scheduling and management
  • Automated communications with participants
  • Advanced audio controls
  • Drag-and-drop branding options
  • In-world media playback for presentations, videos, and more
  • Seamless payments via third-party payment processors

Future plans on the Elite roadmap include:

  • Plugins for unique functionality available on the Passage Marketplace
  • Flexible payment options (including PASG token)
  • User customizations via Passage Marketplace purchases
  • Ability to feature your event publicly on the Passage Dashboard
  • Integrated social features to make organizing events seamless
  • Ticketing systems
  • Games
  • Ecommerce

Elite will begin with a private release to early adopters from our waitlist in Q1, followed by a public beta later this year.

Built with Businesses in Mind

Elite was created for organizations that communicate and collaborate virtually. 

Whether you’re a…

  • Sales team that needs to impress and convert leads
  • Content creator with a growing community
  • Startup pitching to investors
  • Team looking for better tools to collaborate
  • Creative studio that is already building virtually
  • Educator or coach seeking a more engaging platform to teach
  • Individual hoping for an improved social experience

Elite offers an intimate, elevated experience that can’t be achieved with existing platforms like Zoom or Google Meet.

Gone are the days of 2D staring contests. We have the next generation of immersive experiences at our fingertips—and it’s accessible, easy-to-use, and premium. 

We’ve already established a list of brands planning to use Elite when it’s released. Here are just a few of the use cases we’re excited about!


We are excited to announce our latest collaboration with SUMM3R!

Focused on scalable, sustainable growth in Web3, SUMM3R is an ecosystem that leverages its network of entrepreneurs, builders, investors, and mentors to support projects like Elite and collectively solve industry pain points.

SUMM3R recently partnered with Sui to launch the SUMM3R on Sui accelerator program, as well as Hyperspace Marketplace tofoster growth within the NFT ecosystem across chains.

We’ve had the opportunity to build a close relationship with the SUMM3R team and are excited to work with them to open new doors for Elite. With deep roots in Web3, they have decades of experience building and supporting entrepreneurs and businesses, and they’ve built an invaluable community of innovators and resources.

And what better place to gather this community than in Passage?

Not only will SUMM3R help foster adoption of Elite, but they’ll also be among our first users, using Elite to enhance and accelerate conversations with partners, investors, and clients.


It’s time we got to do more than just listen to our favorite artists.

Imagine being an active part of their creative journey—and getting rewarded for supporting them along the way.

That’s what our partners at Dcentralize are building.

“This will revolutionize the way artists and fans connect. In the age of digital fandom, we're giving brands and artists the power to truly identify, interact, and ignite their audience on an entirely new level. Passage has created a world-class environment where communities can gather and engage with their favorite artists—with advanced functionality, hyper-realistic graphics, and incredible sound."

– Ian Kerr, Founder of Dcentralize & DcentX

You might remember Dcentralize’s early vision for a tokenized music festival that would be hosted in Passage. That idea quickly evolved into something more comprehensive—today, they’re building an entire platform that empowers artists to connect and collaborate directly with their fans.

And they’re using Elite to tie it all together. Elite will provide an immersive, intimate space for these interactions to take place.


Astral Projekt

With roots as a creative agency, we have a soft spot for projects building at the intersection of design and tech. 

That’s why we are thrilled to work with our newest technology partner, Astral Projekt.

Astral Projekt is an award-winning production company focused on immersive media, experiential design, and realtime technologies.

Their team has worked with leading brands like Intel, Samsung, Epson, and BMW, and produced massive installations for world-renowned festivals like Burning Man’s “IAMAI” and Glastonbury’s Pangea.

Astral Projekt aims to “bring out-of-this-world ideas to this world,” and Elite is a tool that can make this happen virtually.

We look forward to working with them to elevate their clients’ experiences while also leveraging their tech to make Passage experiences truly Elite.

What’s Next?

As development of Elite continues, the platform will be progressively integrated with Passage Chain.

Users will have the opportunity to customize their 3D experience with assets from the Passage Marketplace, while event organizers will be able to tap into advanced functionality via plugins, worldbuilding tools, and payments in PASG.

Beyond that, we have some big things planned for Passage Chain and our blockchain tech stack to share in the coming weeks, and we’ll be joining our Cosmos fam at ATOMDenver in February, so stay tuned!


While the Elite toolset prioritizes enterprise use cases, it will be available to all Passage users, whether you’re a business or longtime community member. 

We’re moving into a new era for virtual engagement, and we can’t wait to see what you build.

If you’re interested in using Elite for your project, drop us your contact info! We’d love to learn more about it.

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