Passage Elite Alpha Is Live

June 18, 2024

Earlier this year, we announced Passage Elite: the premiere product of the Passage Platform.

An enterprise-grade solution built for offering unmatched virtual experiences, Elite makes it effortless to host and manage immersive, private virtual events and experiences.

Today, we are excited to officially open the doors for Passage Elite Alpha, bringing in our first wave of partners who can now deploy their own events right from the dashboard!

“Passage is a revolution in virtual communication. Never before has immersion like this been accessible outside gaming, VR & AR. Passage opens the door for casual and enterprise applications like team collaboration, sales, and content creation—no downloads and no special hardware required. The potential impact of this one-click interaction is hard to fathom, and we are so excited to see where our first partners take it."

– Lex Avellino, Passage Founder & CEO

Elite Virtual Events

Elite pairs the best of Passage worlds with a user-friendly dashboard and all the admin tools you need to host better virtual events.

Creating events with high-fidelity graphics via Unreal Engine 5, 3D spatial audio/video, and accessibility via browser on any device has never been easier. Entering is as simple as one click.

Our first group of partners has been onboarded to Elite, allowing them to set up their own experiences directly from the dashboard. Here’s how it works:

  • Select a world: Choose from a variety of available worlds, or create your own custom-branded space using Unreal Engine.
  • Pick the date and time: Schedule your event at your convenience, or start one instantly.
  • Invite guests: Share the event with attendees via links or automated emails.
  • Join the event: Click the invite link and you’re in.
  • Top up your account: Need more streaming hours? Simply pay by credit card via Stripe—no crypto wallet required.

Features available in Alpha include:

  • User administration tools
  • Event scheduling and management
  • Automated communications with participants
  • Advanced audio controls
  • In-world screensharing and media playback for presentations, videos, and more
  • Seamless credit card payments via Stripe

Meet Our Alpha Users

Our first wave of users spans unique use cases across education, entertainment, gaming, defi, and more. 

Cosmos Spaces

The Cosmos Spaces team is dedicated to educating and building the Web3 ecosystem. 

From facilitating discussions on X Spaces to IBC Relaying, validating, and consulting, they play a vital role in the growth of Cosmos via education, governance, community engagement, and infrastructure.

Passage will be an integral part of Cosmos Spaces’ future content creation and community-building efforts, with unique ideas for events like NFT mint parties on the horizon!


DcentX is building a superfan engagement platform to help artists cultivate a loyal following and engage their biggest fans. 

In the DcentX-sponsored world, Blok Hous, music lovers will be able to connect with their favorite artists in a unique, intimate 3D space, becoming a more active part of their creative journey.



Criptomonedas is a podcast focused on cryptocurrency education in Latin America.

Each week, the team releases new episodes highlighting LatAm-centric content, personalities, and developments in the blockchain space.

Criptomonedas is launching a custom island-themed world in Passage to enhance their podcast community. Stay tuned for their upcoming sale of genesis NFTs for the world!

Defi Dojo

The Defi Dojo team helps investors navigate and master the complexities of decentralized finance. Founded on the principles of the samurai, they aim to bring clarity to the cryptic.

The Defi Dojo’s custom world will serve as a trusted space for their community of web3 investors and partners to learn, grow, and share resources on their journey toward financial freedom.

Vespa Academy

Vespa Academy is an online portal for schools, designed to harness and develop student academic mindset.

With over 82,567 enrolled students and 730 partner schools and universities served, VESPA Academy has been seeking new ways to level-up its online platform and offerings. Passage presents an opportunity for VESPA to create new immersive educational experiences, training for teachers, and more.


The team at Metahuahua have created "Huahuaverse," a custom world featuring mini-games, chihuahua avatars, and a gathering space exclusively open to their community of Huahua NFT holders.

Strange Clan

Strange Clan, a multiplayer action RPG in development, has long been committed to using Passage for its community world for NFT holders. We recently brought users into the world for the first time!

What’s Next

Future versions of Elite will bring priority features like the ability to gate worlds and events exclusively for NFT holders, as well as introducing our customizable avatar system (affectionately known as “PALs”).

Hosting events on permissionless GPUs is also in the pipeline, which will decrease user streaming costs by 50%+! This will be made possible by an integration with Akash Network, which is under development.

We look forward to seeing how our initial partners are using Elite and will be prioritizing their needs and feedback into our roadmap. That said, we also have a variety of features planned for Elite in the future, such as:

  • Plugins for unique functionality
  • Crypto payments (including PASG token)
  • User avatar customizations
  • Passage Marketplace integration
  • Single-link entry
  • Integrated social features
  • Games
  • Ecommerce
  • And more!

We'll be onboarding our next wave of Alpha users soon, so stay tuned!

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