Passage Development Update: Q1 2024

April 23, 2024

2024 is shaping up to be quite the year for Passage, with the onboarding of our first wave of users on the horizon. 

From deploying Passage worlds on Akash decentralized GPUs to expanding our open-source development community, here’s a recap of what we’ve been up to this year.

Passage Platform


In January, we announced Passage Elite, our premiere product. Elite allows you to host premium events with 1-click access. Just schedule your event in the admin panel, share a link with attendees, and you’re in!

Throughout the year, we’ve been using Elite to host sessions with the Passage community, Alpha testers, Strange Clan genesis holders, and teams like Defi Dojo, Cosmos Spaces, and Stakecito. 

We’re gearing up to announce more of our initial world partners soon, but in the meantime, you can experience Passage for yourself every Thursday @ 11:00am ET during our "GM Tidings" community sessions!


Passage performance got a major boost with Akash, becoming the first virtual world to run on permissionless GPUs. Akash’s decentralized cloud-compute allows Passage to reduce hosting costs by up to 70% compared to AWS, which is huge for scaling and making Passage events affordable for everyone. 

1-click deployment of worlds on Akash will eventually be accessible to all Passage Elite users.

Community Worlds

Community worlds built exclusively for NFT holders continue to progress! Strange Clan hosted the first community gathering in its Passage world, and our friends at Metahuahua held their first beta session in Huahuaverse.

Open-Source Community

In February, we announced new open-source initiatives for Passage Chain, starting with the Passage Marketplace. 

To help lead this initiative, we assembled a Steering Committee of individuals from the Cosmos and developer ecosystems, including Passage partners, validators, long-time community members, and more. The committee is guided by the core Passage team and special advisor Tyler Wright, who leads Akash’s open-source community as Program Manager at Overclock Labs.

Since then, the committee has been focused on improvements to the Passage marketplace, Indexer, NFT staking, and more.

To seed these developments, 15 million PASG tokens were allocated to initial bounties from the Passage Foundry. The first bounty for the Passage Indexer has already been assigned, with a second bounty underway for an archive node for Passage Chain.

If you’re interested in participating or joining a special interest group (SIG), join our next Steering Committee meeting on May 22!

Access the full schedule, meeting notes, bounties, and other details on the Passage Chain Github.

PASG Token

New liquidity pools have been launched and PASG token was added to multiple new platforms, making it easier than ever to manage, stake, and swap your tokens!

  • Keplr Wallet: Native integration of PASG with Keplr’s browser extension, mobile app, and web dashboard. 
  • Staking Rewards: Explore PASG staking data and information on Staking Rewards.
  • Pulsar Finance: Passage Chain was added to Pulsar’s cross-chain portfolio manager.
  • Osmosis: Add liquidity to the AKT/PASG pool or supercharged PASG/USDC pool on Osmosis and claim an exclusive role on Discord!
  • Astrovault: PASG pools have been created on Astrovault.

Strange Clan


The Strange Clan community airdrop ended in January, with over 49.9 million PASG tokens distributed to Strange Clan NFT holders!

The remaining 11.7 million unclaimed tokens from the airdrop were burned following a governance vote.


Strange Clan development continues, with:

  • Main character Arc rigged and animated
  • New puzzling mechanics including chemistry, crystal manipulator, and physics
  • Improved multiplayer system that works across North America, Europe, and Asia

There is also a new location in development for the upcoming scavenger hunt. You won’t want to miss out, so stay tuned for details!


We had the opportunity to attend ETHDenver in February and connect with our Cosmos fam at the ATOMDenver side event! Passage founder Lex Avellino spoke on two panels on AI and Web3 gaming, and got to take over the Akash booth.

Next up, we’re heading to Consensus in May and participating in Akash Accelerate. Let us know if you’ll be there!

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