Embracing Open-Source: The Future of Passage Chain

February 7, 2024

We believe the Passage community is unparalleled, starting with the clan that backed the first NFT collection in Cosmos back in 2021. As we ride the edge of this wild frontier, we are always looking for new ways to fuel the brilliant community that has long supported us.

Last month, we announced Elite: the premiere product of the Passage platform built for immersive, premium virtual experiences.

As we continue building out the core Passage tech stack and the Passage blockchain gains traction, new initiatives will drive innovation for the chain and marketplace into the future.

Today, we are proud to announce the next stage of Passage Chain: Our marketplace stack is going open-source, led by a steering committee of experts from across the Cosmos and developer ecosystems.

“The Passage blockchain and marketplace will become the number one place for creators to monetize and create with 3D assets. We are building the first modular, decentralized 3D asset market. Open infrastructure is the best way to incentivize builders and attract the best creators.”

– Lex Avellino, Founder & Chief Creative Officer at Passage

The Steering Committee

In order to foster a thriving open-source community, we’ve assembled a team of rockstars from the Cosmos and developer ecosystems, including Passage partners, validators, long-time community members, and more.

“This is the perfect time for Passage to grow their open-source stack, and we’re excited to speak into this effort. Engaging this early will support transparency and an open developer community.”

– Greg Osuri, CEO of Overclock Labs, creators of Akash Network

Special Advisor

We are thrilled to welcome Tyler Wright of Overclock Labs (creators of Akash Network) as a special advisor to the committee.

As Program Manager at Overclock Labs, Tyler has been deeply involved in Akash’s open-source developer community and has helped organize and guide its steering committee since its formation.

His expertise has been invaluable in helping shape Passage open-source initiatives, and we look forward to continued collaboration with Tyler and the Akash team in the future (stay tuned)!

Core Contributors

The Passage leadership team will continue to serve as core contributors on the committee, along with:

  • Anil Kumar, Vitwit
  • Sistla Abhishek, OmniFlix
  • Leap Wallet
  • Lowell Abbott, NodeFleet
  • Joe Venner, Apello
  • Neville Nguyen, HyperChain Capital
  • Primus, ZenChainLabs
  • NacionCrypto
  • Cryptocito
  • Greg Weld, Crypto Lab Tech
  • Adam Farnsworth, Community Advocate

The Steering Committee will evaluate projects and help determine priorities, supported by Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to focus on core areas of development.

Each SIG will be provided with seed funding in the form of PASG tokens in order to offer bounties and payments for contributions.

The first Steering Committee meeting will take place on Wednesday, February 21 at 12:00pm Eastern Time.

Steering Committee meetings will be publicly hosted in the Passage Discord and open for anyone to attend. In the future, we aim to have meetings hosted right in Passage.

Interested in joining a SIG? Join us on Discord!

Open-Source Roadmap

Expanding our open-source scope will allow our core team to focus on the Passage platform and Elite, and hone in on what we do best: creating beautiful 3D experiences that anyone can enjoy from any device.

Phase 1 of this open source initiative will focus on the Passage Marketplace.

To seed these developments, 15M PASG tokens will be dedicated toward open-source marketplace initiatives from the Passage Foundry.

Our highest priority for the marketplace is optimizing and improving the core user experience, followed by expanding the feature set. Ultimately, we want it to represent the quality and innovation of the Passage community. 

Our proposed roadmap follows, but priorities and plans will ultimately be determined by the Steering Committee.

  • Core infrastructure improvements on the indexer
  • Improved sorting and searching
  • Community initiatives (Astro Pucks, Golden Pucks)
  • Complete NFT staking
  • Complete auctions & offers front-end
  • Enable native USDC sales

What's Next

Alongside hosting the first meetings to identify open-source roadmap priorities, our team continues development and testing of Elite, and will be onboarding select partners to the Closed Beta in Q1.

Passage Founder Lex Avellino will also be attending ETHDenver and speaking on two panels at the sold out ATOMDenver event on February 28. He’ll be sharing his thoughts on the metaverse and AI, along with other Cosmos thought leaders like Greg Osuri of Akash.

Hope to see you there!


And if you’re interested in joining an open-source special interest group, let us know on Discord

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